Spring Surrender

I could feel my ancestors celebrating spring today, as I dug in the earth, pulling at roots, planting seeds and dreaming of Summer feasts!

Led by some ancient choreography that every cell in my body knows to obey.

My energy rising like the tides, perhaps also being summoned by the moon.

Just then, the new green leaves called me to the porch for tea. We watched the sun set in the rain, surrendering together to the upward motion of spring!

imagery by Nomad Collective

Winter's Light

 Maybe its my Finnish soul.

image by  Nomad Collective

I crave the strong grip of Winter. 

I long for the solace of quiet nights in front of the fire, watching the swirling clouds of steam and smoke rising from my incense and my tea, mingling together, blanketing me.

When the sun takes rest, the moon and starshine illuminate the world like magic and I long to sleep outside, to run fast through the frozen forest, to soak up the Earth’s primal, wild wisdom. I can hear it better in this sweet dark silence.

And this light also illuminates the depths of my being, sharing with me my truth, reacquainting me with myself, reminding me that I AM the moon and starshine. I also hold within me the Earth’s primal, wild wisdom. It feels safe and delicious, like an apple that has grown sweeter after a hard frost.