Daily Altar

February 3, from 2-5 pm

The Abode / 1852 Joy Circle / 37207



Daily Altar is a gathering that will nurture the development of personal practices and rituals to internally anchor us to nature and the divine so that we can fully appreciate the abundance and bliss of life.

During this Sunday afternoon gathering, we will share practices of sacred movement, meditation, Tea Ceremony, incense, and Feng Shui and create  simple personal rituals for daily nourishment of body, mind, and soul. 

As you are guided through the creation of a daily tea ritual, we will discuss ceremonial teas, steeping methods and wares in addition to the spiritual practice and connective energy of the Leaf. Warm and relaxed from our tea, we will then drift into a moving meditation as we experience the art of sacred movement. Refreshed and dropped in, we will explore tips for enhancing your home, discovering how creating sacred space happens simultaneously in the inner landscape and physical environment. All of these fruitful practices have one main theme in common--being present in the moment.

Molly Upchurch, creator of Building Sanctuary, has been a Feng Shui consultant and Yogini for 18 years. Recently Molly has become a Shaman and has blended ancient wisdom from South America with the sacred space and movement practices of Asia and India into her work of offering healing sessions and guidance in the creation of home and office sanctuaries.  

Sarah Scarborough of Tea Huntress has devoted the last twenty years of her life to discovering the beauty and magic of the Leaf! She has traveled the world over to learn ancient traditions of Tea Ceremony and to source sacred and ceremonial teas--those with a high vibrational energy.

Tea Huntress is the outpouring of her passion for nature's magical herb and its power to connect and heal us.